"Angie's work is brilliant! My Sessions helped me release trauma from past lives trapped in my energy body Once the Trauma was released, my chronic health conditions disappeared!"

-M. Malfitano



"Working with Angie, from a fully conscious state, you experience a clear and deep understanding of blockages or traumas that have been with you for many years. The clearing is instantaneous."

-B. Henegan


Michelle (24.09.2011 (13:41:15))
Thank you! Yes No I was truy blessed to have been directed to Angela after being encouraged to try Past Life Regression Therapy to figure out where a number of my issues were stemming. I cannot begin to explain my experience during my session, but I will say that I left her office a different human being. Angela helped me remember my life purpose and wiped away all of my fears in regard to my beautiful future here on earth. I now know that life is a journey that is meant to be unfolded and ultimately manifested for the greater good.

Thank you, Angela! You are truly a gift from God.

Michelle M.
Ethel G. (04.10.2011 (14:24:37))
Testimonial Yes No Prior to my visit with Angela I began a stage in my life where I wanted to cleanse myself, spiritually, mentall, and physically. Along this path I was introduced to Angela through my daughter. I always "knew" there was a connection with Angela for my journey. During my appointment she guided me to discover that I was lost and could not find my way. I was able to see how this past life was still playing in my current life. I was also able to connect to my current life family members and see the different roles they played. After my appointment I had renewed energy. I was more clear on how my spiritual gifts could be used to assist others. I was also able to release my chronic indigestion problems and fear of starving. I am so excited to move forward and want to thank Angela for facilitating the process and helping me discover the answers!
Christine S. (04.10.2011 (14:28:11))
Thank you. Yes No After my regression therapy appointment with Angela I was able to understand my relationship with my husband and several other things in my life. I was able to start healing the relationship and letting things go on a personal level. I have since been back to see Angela for spiritual counseling, which has helped me start to "step out" and work with my spiritual gifts. Thank you, Angela for all your help. Not only for helping me with my gifts, you then help others through me. I look forward to the future and working with you again. I cannot thank you enough! With Love, Chrissy S. Westminster, MD
Mare (23.03.2012 (15:26:58))
You are a Gift! Yes No Angela Magliozzi is a very gifted Regression Therapist. Since I had my session with her, I have experienced a powerful shift in myself. No longer do I hold on to the anxieties and tension in my body that I used to. The calmness and equanimity that I now carry is a joy and I attribute this to her powerful guidance that allowed me to release such ancient blockages. She is professional, gentle, supportive and deeply compassionate. And her gifts go beyond the training she received as a Regression Therapist. Thank you, Angela, for your transformative work. Words cannot express my very deep gratitude.
Rachel B. (25.04.2012 (18:58:38))
Thank you Yes No After working with Angela for one session, I was able to make so much sense out of my life and my begin to understand why I am the way I am. Getting in touch with my spirit and past lives has made my world a lot clearer. I am hopeful I am on the right path. Angela is such a gifted, compassionate, caring person, and I felt so comfortable letting her guide me.
Debbie T. (11.09.2013 (09:56:42))
Yes No Let me start by saying I had my doubts about Past Life Regression Therapy but after my session with Rev. Angela my doubts dissipated. She is the real deal!!
I have a phobia that will need more sessions to disappear but my first session was surreal. At first as I closed my eyes I couldn't see anything because I had my doubts and as I was being guided by Rev. Angela to go by feeling, I started letting go and then is when the fun stuff started. I started seeing images as if I was dreaming however I was aware of everything. To make a long story short at the end of my session I felt as if I was out of my body. The whole day I had a sense of PEACE all over me. I want that feeling all the time!! BEST experience I have ever had!!
Lindsay (18.09.2013 (21:40:32))
Testimonial Yes No My experience working with Angela was truly eye opening. I released trauma from my past and since then have been able to move on to great, new experiences in my life. She took me deep into my unconscious mind and helped me see parts of myself and gifts I have that I most likely would not have discovered on my own. I highly recommend her work!



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