Akashic Records

Angela often takes her clients to visit their own Akashic Records.  For those not familiar with this topic, some additional information is provided:

Edgar Cayce called the Akashic Records the “Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrances”

They are stored on the astral planes and the record keeper of each soul participates in the writing and storing and the eventual accessing and reading of these stored impressions.  This information is stored in the “HALL OF RECORDS” and also within our own souls and is available to all entities seeking higher self and attunement.

Etheric impressions consist of every thought, word and deed the entity (you) experiences during your earth lifetimes, as well as all actions and ideals of your sojourns between lifetimes.    These events and actions are simultaneously stored in your records.

When striving to attain spiritual awareness, it can be helpful to access your records, read them and benefit from the wisdom and concepts contained within.

Jesus said, “in patience possess ye, do ye become aware of thine own soul.”

When you begin your search, within, you may ask profound questions that seem unanswerable, such as “Who am I?”  “Where did I come from?” and “What am I supposed to do in this life?”  — the guidance you seek is contained in your records.

Our journeys are not without tests and doubts – the gifts and wisdom are the reward in and of themselves.

Each of us holds the key to our own “Book of Life”