Pre-Birth Contracts

Have you ever wondered what your soul, or Higher Self, was up to before you were born?  The circumstances of our lives are not random or accidental – they are planned and designed and we do have free will/choice in how they will play out.

Souls go out from the Universe with foibles or parts to enlighten.  Some anchored in the light and some in the dark.  The lower self is sent with a specific set of predetermined lessons to learn and master for the Higher Self.  As horrible or blissful, frustrating or fulfilling as one’s life is, there is a design behind it.

Contracts can include details such as birthday (down to the time of day), birth marks, siblings – even pets are chosen.  Other things chosen include:  name, career(s), spouses, child(ren), accomplishments, challenges, physical characteristics, gifts, intelligence and childhood traumas.

Contracts further include primary emotion(s) we will embrace and transform in each lifetime.  If your Soul is ready to work through jealousy, for example, situations involving jealousy will be set up.

If you are wondering what lessons you signed up for, begin your search by noticing the recurring themes in your life.  The issues that follow you wherever you go are your lessons to deal with.

Choice comes into play in our response to the circumstances or lessons of our lives.  We have the freedom to choose to move through our lessons with willingness or with resistance.

Knowledge of our contracts is not meant to overwhelm or frighten us, but to help us realize that we are here on behalf of our Soul and to transform for our Higher Selves.  The more willing we are to consciously embrace the paths with our Higher Self, the more fulfilled and enriched our lives become and the more rapidly we become enlightened.